How to apply

Work in an European white-hat community that is using novel ways to evolve IT security.

Show us what you got

We would love to get to know you. Send us your application. Tell us about your skills. Mention if somebody in our network can recommend you. We want to learn what you are capable of.

  • We tag your skills & evaluate your abilities
  • We verify your background
  • We prepare the onboarding process

For us the privacy & security of our community is of outmost importance. For this reason we are developing a code of conduct together with our community members. Interested to participate? Feel free to contacts us!

We are looking for experienced and inexperienced penetration testers. Every application will be judged individually.

Bugshell does not have a user limit. For short periods depending on the deployment stage of our platform, active projects, and exceeding demand of projects from our community we take the freedom to limit the number of registrations.

Get interviewed

A mission control and core team member will reach out to you for an interview. During this process we will check your identity, review your application, explain the basics about the bugshell system, and assess your skills.

  • You will lean more about the community & bugshell
  • You will get to know your personal contact
  • You will position you in our system based on your skills

The mission control team is your go to contact when it comes to managing your projects, getting help with the platform, and helping with any disputes between you, your team, the project lead, or your client.

The core team is bugshell’s elite group of pentesters with exceptional skills and long years of experience in penetration tests & as a project lead. Most of bugshell’s pentests are supervised by at least on core team pentester.

Your skills are evaluated by a core team member with a focus on your set of skills and a questionnaire.

The stage is yours

You will receive an invitation link to our platform. Once activated you can finalize your registration and access all the required information for your first job at bugshell.

  • Finalize your registration by finishing your profile
  • Join the bugshell community chat
  • Get support by our team and community members

The platform offers functions such as project management tools, vulnerability templates, and a module to easily create reports. More details are available on the platform page.

We offer jobs under the bugshell chat: "projects". You will get access to the chat during the registration process. In the future, the process will be integrated into the platform.

Yes, we appreciate all the help we can get. Check out our careers page for job opportunities, join the modding section, or participate in our internal Bug Bounty program.

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