Pentesting in a nutshell

A penetration tests enables your company to assess and protect yourself against the real risk of a cyberattack. Get started today!


The Penetration Test

A penetration test is an audit of computer systems, applications, or networks in order to identify security vulnerabilities, and asses their severity and potential impact.

In contrast to a mostly defensive approach in cyber security testing, penetration tests examine an organization's cyber security under the viewpoint of an attacker. While firewalls and security scanning & assessment are certainly important, penetration testing goes in-depth into finding vulnerabilities. For this reason, penetration testing is essential to guarantee high standards of security.

Penetration testing is safe if done correctly. Bugshell ensures that the highest level of experts work on a project and all standards of procedure are met. Bugshell only works with verified European security experts. All projects are supervised by bugshell’s mission control team and a member of the pentesting core team. To further increase safety, it is recommended to pentest staging environments and to have a clearly defined project scope.

The length of a penetration test is strongly dependent on the project volume and complexity. At bugshell we can offer very basic penetration tests that can be done in one day and highly specific ones that take weeks.

Pentesting in comprehensive steps

At bugshell we developed a unique way to accelerate & improve the penetration testing process. With our find-to-fix approach every vulnerability identified can be fixed immediately.

Design your pentest

Together with an experienced penetration tester we will discuss with you the process, timeline, objectives, and the legal framework modelling the project to address your pain points & other requirements.

  • Every project will be lead by a pentesting veteran
  • Bugshell will support & supervise your project

Track progress

Our pentesters will typically gather public information on your company (OSINT). Based on the research results, the scope of the project might change. We then proceed to threat modelling & vulnerability identification.

  • Follow the status of your project on our platform
  • Be in full control of your pentest

Fix & Recheck

Fixing & rechecking vulnerabilities is integrated in our process. Extract identified vulnerabilities into your project software, fix it, and let the results get rechecked by our pentesters.

  • Fix vulnerabilities when they are identified
  • Recheck your vulnerabilities during the pentest

Receive custom reports

Our pentesters create freely customizable yet consistent reports. This is made possible by bugshell's modular reporting system. Only at bugshell you can work with different pentesters and get the same reporting standard for all of your projects.

  • We customize your reports according to your needs
  • Get the same reporting standard for all of your projects
Product Portfolio

What we offer

A penetration test is an audit of computer systems, applications, or networks in order to identify security vulnerabilities, and asses their severity and potential impact.

Classic Pentesting

Whether you want to test your mobile or web applications, networks or APIs. At bugshell we find the right pentester for your needs.

Pentesting Packages

Our product packages are designed to solve specific situations our clients find themselves in, such as securing their home office or GDPR compliance.

Custom Scenarios

Do you have an IT security problem that can not be solved with penetration tests only? Contact us! We will design a solution that addresses your needs.

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