Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity consulting can be a major time saver, especially, when it comes to planning your next penetration test. Let us help you find the right IT security strategy for your company.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Identify your IT security pain points

Tap into the knowledge of some of Europe's brightest minds in penetration testing & cybersecurity consulting. With us you get execution-oriented consulting services that not only focus on understanding but also solving your cybersecurity needs.

Cybersecurity consulting is the service of offering advice & support to a company with the goal to strengthen its IT-security against cyberattacks. Cybersecurity consulting contains a broad range of services from software development support to the risk assessment of a company’s infrastructure.

As cyberattack are on the rise and the costs of cyberattacks are increasing exponentially it often helps to get realistic view of the status of a company’s IT. Cybersecurity consultants specialize in developing policies, security plans, and protocols. With the right consulting service, a company can create the right action plan to protect their own assets.

In most cases a consulting session to prepare a penetration test is recommended. This is due to the necessity of cybersecurity experts to understand the IT security needs of a company. The intensity and length of these consulting sessions strongly depends on the type of penetration test booked and the how aware a company is on the status of its own IT infrastructure.

What we offer

Our cybersecurity services focus on three topics: project support, risk assessment, and vulnerability management.


We help you identifying IT-security risks before others do. Analysing potential threats and vulnerabilities to your IT systems to help you achieve optimal security at a reasonable cost.


Our experienced IT security experts likely have completed several previous projects similar to your current situation. Knowing that your business is being guided by an industry expert can give both peace of mind and increase the likelihood of success.


Setting up or supporting you in your vulnerability management. Identify, classify, prioritize, remediate and mitigate IT vulnerabilities in standardized processes.

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