Phishing Simulation

Phishing is the most common cyberattack. Prevent successful phishing attacks by exposing your employees to simulated phishing attacks. Bugshell helps to raise phishing awareness.

Combating Social Engineering

Raise Awareness against Phishing

In the private sector, we are all constantly bombarded with phishing emails. While this helps recognizing simple variants of phishing attacks, it can have the opposite effect for more sophisticated attacks. To prevent this, higher quality simulated phishing attacks can help.

A phishing simulation is a controlled exercise in which organizations are exposed to simulated phishing attacks to help employees distinguish real from impersonated messages or emails. A simulation can target specific individuals or departments. The quality of the attacks varies greatly depending on the defined target of a phishing campaign.

It is generally better for employees to fall for a phishing simulation than to fall victim to a phishing attack. This is because successful phishing attacks can bypass most of a company's technical security measures. Phishing awareness training helps to sensitize employees against phishing, simulations check whether the theory is put into practice.

The time and effort required for companies to carry out a phishing simulation depends on the number of sites, departments and related technical factors. In principle, the most time is spend on making sure that in-house precautions against phishing do not block the successful execution of a phishing simulation. Because the goal of phishing simulations is to test the human factor and not the technical security measures.

Our approach to phishing

From easily recognizable phishing emails to sophisticated campaigns, bugshell offers various forms of phishing attacks.


Test your employees' current susceptibility to a conventional phishing attack that is frequently used by cybercriminals.


Test and train your employees with a phishing campaign designed for your company. Recipient receive feedback during the campaign.


Check the susceptibility of key employees against highly specialized phishing emails. These are tailor-made to mislead the target.

Check phishing awareness today!

With bugshell you have the opportunity to strengthen your company against social engineering attacks! Track ongoing campaigns via the platform. Don't give cybercriminals a chance.