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Start by briefing us on your pain points and what you would like tested so that we can get a better understanding about your IT infrastructure.

  • We introduce you to our platform & the process
  • We help you set the right penetration test in motion
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In contrast to a mostly defensive approach in cyber security testing, penetration tests examine an organization's cyber security under the viewpoint of an attacker. While firewalls and security scanning & assessment are certainly important, penetration testing goes in-depth into finding vulnerabilities. For this reason, penetration testing is essential to guarantee high standards of security.

To get a penetration test you need to fill out the contact form on our product page. Our team will reach out to you and inform you about the requirements needed to set your penetration test in motion. This does include for example agreeing on specific security standards and defining the scope of the project.

Bugshell’s penetration tests are find-to-fix-oriented. On the platform clients can track the progress of each project, receive updates on vulnerabilities in real time, and can get the fixed vulnerabilities rechecked in the process. It is quicker, easier, and more transparent.

Work with a trusted European pentesting community

We help you find the right penetration tester for your project. Leverage the knowhow of an amazing community.

  • Choose one of our products or a custom test
  • Consult with one of our core team members
  • Set a date & get access to our platform

Bugshell’s penetration testers have different sets of skills and levels of experience. The core team (CT) is a selected group of very experienced penetration testers that have the ability to lead every penetration testing project.

The pricing of a penetration test mostly derives from time spent and experts involved. Typically, the costs are calculated by a daily rate. The following three factors can give a good grasp on a project’s costs assessment.

  • Specific vs General – The more specific a target for a penetration test is defined the easier it is to estimate the time and effort spend.
  • Standard vs Custom – Certain penetration tests are more common than others. This means that processes can be partially automated, significantly reducing costs.
  • Easy vs Difficult – Depending on the difficulty of a project a request of a client can be only met by working with the best-in-class thought leaders in a specific area of penetration testing resulting in a higher hourly rate.
If you are interested in how the pricing of your project looks like, feel free to contact us.

The length of a penetration test is strongly dependent on the project volume and complexity. At bugshell we can offer very basic penetration tests that can be done in one day and highly specific ones that take weeks.

Start your first test and utilize the bugshell platform

Bugshell offers a novel way of penetration testing. Our platform gives you full control of your penetration test.

  • Track your penetration testing process in real time
  • Respond directly to identified vulnerabilities
  • Fix your vulnerabilities & get retested during the test

A vulnerability in cyber security is a weakness in a computer, application, or network that can be exploited by an outside threat to compromise security.

In the beginning the scope, target, timeline, and method of the penetration test is defined. Typically, the penetration test is done in a series of simulated attacks. The traditional penetration test is separated into 6 different stages. At bugshell it is a more fluent process as the penetration test has integrated trackable review cycles manageable via the bugshell dashboard.

A penetration test has the purpose of testing the security of a system, app, or IT infrastructure from an attacker’s perspective. In a typical penetration test a client will receive a report on all the vulnerabilities identified and the potential impact. Bugshell, in contrast, does not only deliver a report. We integrated the fixing process in the penetration test itself and help our clients find solutions to their problems.

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