The security seal for more cyber resilience

As cyber threats continue to proliferate, it becomes imperative for businesses to test their resilience against cyberattacks. Introducing the Security Seal – a distinctive emblem representing trust and assurance in the cyber space.

The security seal is a cybersecurity certificate provided by bugshell. It indicates that an application, system, or network has been tested by cybersecurity experts and is considered safe. Every seal issued by bugshell can be checked for its validity via the bugshell database.

The security seal is issued by bugshell after a penetration test has been conducted and it has been verified that all threatening vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated. The seal is only issued for the target of a penetration such as a web and mobile app or the external infrastructure of a company.

A penetration test, often referred to as a pentest, is a controlled and simulated cyberattack conducted by security professionals to assess the vulnerabilities of a computer system, network, or application. Its primary goal is to identify weaknesses that malicious hackers could exploit and provide recommendations for strengthening the organization's overall security posture.

Bugshell is a cybersecurity testing service provider offering penetration testing and phishing simulation services. The Berlin-based company works with a community of European cybersecurity experts orchestrating the entire testing process via its platform running on EU-servers.

Verifiable Security

Each security seal has a unique ID that can be traced back to bugshell's database. By clicking on the security seal you will be lead to a webpage containing information about when the security seal has been issued, what has been tested, and the company the security seal has been issued to.

Security Seal Database

How to qualify for the Security Seal

Test the cybersecurity of your company and receive the bugshell security seal in three simple steps.

Test Cybersecurity

Run a penetration test on a target app, system, or network with bugshell.

Close Vulnerabilities

Track the progress of the test via the bugshell platform and close identified vulnerabilities.

Get Certified

Receive the security seal when the remediation of all threatening vulnerabilities has been verified.

For a safer digital world

Penetration testing is the best way to make sure that your IT is resilient enough to withstand cyberattacks.

Web App Pentest

Assess the security of your online shop, web portal, and more.

Mobile App Pentest

Analyse if your app runs securely on any device & OS.

External Pentest

Evaluate the security of your external-facing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Pentest

Ensure that your cloud-hosted data is sufficiently protected.


Improve the security of your online shop and customers


Prevent data breaches and potential fraud


Preserve reputation and integrity of operations


Meet the guidelines for sensitive medical data

A Symbol of Trust

Wether your company has to handle important patient data, is relient on a stable flow of online shoppers, or needs to ensure that the manufacturing of goods remains uninterrupted. Testing the security of your IT does not only keep your company running, it provides the necessary trust of your customers to keep choosing your service.

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